Friday, February 8, 2008

Toya Bungkah Hotspring - Bangli Regency

Toyobungkah Hotspring located in Batur Village, on the west side of Lake Batur. It's about 6km from Kediaman Village, around 38 km from Bangli, and about 78 from Denpasar. Toya Bungkah is a natural Hotspring that used daily to take a bath because many people believed that this hotspring was good for health and able to cure many of skin diseases. The water collected in the small pool that located on the next side of Lake Batur. We able to see all side of Lake Batur because of this condition. Trunyan village surrounding by green hills, that located in the east of Lake Batur also viewable from this Hotspring.

Toyabungkah Hotspring also besides has a very beautiful view also have a cool condition, this make all tourist who visit this place will feel relax and cool as well. Even Indonesian pupolar person like Sutan Takdir Ali Syahbana choose Toyabungkah to built an art Building called Balai Seni Toyabungkah (Toyabungkah Art Building).On the way to Toyabungkah we also able to view very beautiful environment. Start from Mount Batur until Lake batur view. On the east side of Toyabungkah Hotspring across the street there is a temple called Pura Jati Temple . There is two hotspring in this area. One used for people around the place and the Government already build a wall surrounding the other Hotspring that will be used for Domestic and Foreign Tourist as well



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