Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Badung Regency

City: Mengwi
Area of the width: 418.52 km2
1. Petang
2. Mengwi
3. Abiansemal
4. Kuta
5. Kuta Utara
6. Kuta Selatan
The regency of Badung has only 418,52 kilometers square of earth, is divided in the sixth districts, 40 administrative villages, and as much as 117 traditional villages . Those villages are subdivided again in as much as 297 known smaller groups of the community like “Dusun”, and 498 “Banjar”. The total population of the regency of Badung is approximately 280,000 people, with the average density of 672 people by square kilometer.
In agreement with the objective of the state, the harmony between the material and spiritual development must be equal. The governmental structure down to the rural villages plays an important role in maintaining this balance. The programs of the government also animate to people who take conscious an active part in all the fields from the development, without concerning their sort. Whereas the regency is directed by Regent (Bupati), the districts directed by Pak Camat, Desa and Dusun are directed by Perbeke (Lurah) and Klian Banjar/Kepala Dusun. In this development of five years of the term, Badung is divided in three territories of the development.
1. Badung of the north: It includes the districtos of Petand and Abiansemal, trims in Blahkiuh. The priority is agriculture of general way here, as well as the earth conservation.
2. Central Badung: It covers districto whole with Mengwi with the nutritional cultures, agriculture, and the industries nacionals like the priorities.
3. Badung of the south: The industry of the tourism, the education and the commercial development are the priorities in this area that include Kuta, Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa, Bukit, Jimbaran, and Kedonganan. Agriculture and the industries (specially the home and the industries in reduced scale) that aid the sector of the tourism are probable to be extended intensive.
The extension in the sector of the tourism has become the main sector to consolidate foreign currency, visas, the use, the deprived fairness of gains, and businesses, that increase the well-being total of the well-being of the community. Demography the regency of Badung is one of 9 secondary-provinces embraced by the province of Bali and located in center of the island of Bali, stretching of the north to the end of the south of the island. It is bordering in the north on the regency of Buleleng, in the west with the regency of Tabanan, whereas in the east with the regency of Bangli, the regency of municipal Gianyar and Denpasar, physically has the unique form, seems a form of “keris”. This unicity is used so as symbol of this regency, means that contain of the effect and that has relation near the history of this event of the area that is to say, of “Puputan Badung”. This is used as the base of the motto of the regency of Badung that is “Cures Darma Raksasa” (governmental obligation to protect people and the truth). Geography the geographic regency of Badung covers 418.52sq: total kilometer of earth, consists of 6 Kecamatan (districto) known like Kecamatan Petang, Abiansemal, Mengwi, of the south Kuta, Kuta, of the Kuta north that one consist 40 village, 16 kelurahan (328 administrative village) and Dusun (administrative secondary-village), 119 Linkungan (atmosphere), 28 propose the atmosphere, 119 Desa Adat (522 traditional village) and Banjar (administrative secondary-village) and also 522 organizations of youth.
The regency of the area of Badung is an area of the tropical climate that has two stations, the dry stations (April - October) and rainy season (November - march). Temperature of the air varies ºC of form 24 until ºC 30,8 with the average precipitation of 893,4 millimeters until 2.702.6 millimeters by the humidity of the average year and are 79%. Flora Su and fauna it is of tropical Asia. The total population that decides the report the June of 2001 is 332,265 people, with the demogr'afica density mediates as much as 794 people by sq. kilometers. The population of the majority is following of the religion of Hindhu with its eternal magnificent religious ceremonies and unique tradition. And the original rent of the regency (CUSHION) in 2000 equal to 203,861 billion rupias of the target of equal 153,790 billion rupias, whereas until the June of 2001, accomplishment of equal of the CUSHION 170,176 billion rupias of the target 248,101 billion rupias. The daily languages of communication are Balinese and Indonesia language whereas the English as much is not spoken. Most of the people living in agriculture sector, trade and services industry. Regional income is mainly from tourism sector.

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