Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Gianyar Regency

City: Gianyar
Area of the width: 368 km2
1. Payangan
2. Tegallalang
3. Tampak Siring
4. Ubud
5. Gianyar
6. Sukawati
7. Blahbatuh

Gianyar Tourism Object
The regency of Gianyar like the famous one of the artistic and high culture, has interesting areas because the areas of a tourism, have the opinion of the nature, the mountain, the beautiful coast, the rest of old object and all the classes to run by hand/errand of the product rendered by and creative motivated tourist the expert hand/visits of the investors Gianyar. Located astronomical between the length of the east of 8º18' 48 latitude of the south” and of 8º37' 58, 115º12' 29” and 115º22' 23”. Wide of ² or 36,800 you have (6,53% of the continent 368km of wide of the island of Bali) with the tropical climate, recognized by the station 2, that is rains and it is dried. Average temperatures 26ºC with the lowest temperature of 23ºC until 29ºC

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