Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jembrana Regency

City: Negara
width range: 841,80 KM2
1. Melaya
2. Mendoyo
3. Pekutatan

Jembrana Tourism Object
Regency of Jembrana is in the western of Bali. This range covers more or less then the 841.8km ┬▓ with less than 220,000 people its density of 261 people of each kilometer. Its society is agricultural sector particularly lives such as rice, Wassermelone, vanilla, carnation, buffalo, cattle, chicken, fish of lemuru and shrimp windu. Kraft, which are supported, as them/conscientiousness and industry in manual work make, may fish, Kokosnusscoir preserve, knit and dress, Webart cagcag, bamboo mat material, Palmblatt and rib, (outward in manual work make/conscientiousness) the upper section of the coconut, wood inside and to carve and having other broad market subject enough.

Geography of geographical Regency of Jembrana coastal range and the loaded mountain with the very interesting tourism article have, by typical artistic by Jembrana in the form of Jegog are supported to besiege, which is No. the others. Domestic industries Webart Cagcag this customs property the projecting customs property of Jembrana tha potensial enough are and of people widerly in agricultural. This production such as cloth, saputan (selenium-hired), udeng (front volume for one clan in bay) this Jacquardwebst├╝hle is very artistic and enthused very much the characteristic Jembrana Regency, by society in Bali.

As a place that located in the westernmost of Bali, makes Jembrana as an opening area in the West of Bali. Gilimanuk harbor as a opening door from East Java to Bali located in this Regency.

One of the major farming commodity is Cow, and at the fishery sector, Jembrana is the biggest fishery production in Bali. The fish product such as Lemuru fish, Layang, Kuwe, Kerapu, and Tuna. Because of that, there is some industry that produce fish product, and most of the located in Pengambengan Village in Jembrana.

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