Friday, November 16, 2007

Tourism Object in Nusa Penida

Sebila Creek Nusa Dua area
Sebila Cree has a very beautiful environtment with it's white shore sand, very natural and quiet. We able to go to Sebila creek from Pelabuhan Buyuk to Banjar Kelodan and then go to Sebila creek, also we able to go there directly by rent a small boat in Sebila creek there's also one well even not as good as the well in Atuh creek.

Labuhan Ampuak
Labuhan Ampuak same like Sebila creek has a very good environtment quality also nature and quiet make this area be a most beautiful tourism area in Nusa Dua.Located at Banjar Pelilit Pantai Atuh and Calung, this area was very beautiful because surrounded by sea and some mountain (hill) like Tunjuk Pusuh Hill, Nyahi Hill, Juntil Hill and other, also it's beach area that called Titibehu beach.

Karang Bolong
This tourism object can be found in Penida desa Sakti village, beside see the Karang Bolong we also able to see white shore of Nusa Penida with it's beautiful sea environtment.

Beach of Atuh
The Atuh Coast is located in the beautiful white sand beach and on the left side of Juntil Cape, which is sticking out at sea and on the right side of Labuan Ampuak continued eastward is Gili Batu Melawang , Gili Batu Pedasan, Gili Gili batu Abah and Batu Metegen.
The cave's of natural swallow nest can be found on the south side of Labuhan Ampuak. The swallow nest is very low and the price is very expensive. In the Atuh Valley the land is very fertile and Atuh Temple found there, the temple is especially a place to worship the God of the Sea (the Segara Temple). The community came from Bendem Village, Tanglad village and another village.
There were various dances, as Baris Jangkang Pelilit dance, a mass very sacred dance, dance, painting the soldiers who are real againts the enemy who come under attack. This dance is very rare and only seen in Pelilit village. If we walk in the center, there are two very clear with holy wells and clean water. This freshwater possibly have best quality throughout the Nusa Penida region. Access to Atuh Coast, could be reached through two directions: from Pelilit village (20 kms) and the continue to the land for the highway about 2 Km to Kelodan (17 kms) and continued with the land road around 5 km.



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