Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tabanan Regency

City : Tabanan
Width : 839.30 km2
1. Baturiti
2. Penebel
3. Pupuan
4. Marga
5. Selemadeg
6. Kerambitan
7. Tabanan
8. Kediri
9. Selemadeg Barat
10. Selamadeg Timur

Tabanan Tourism Object
Tabanan is one of city 8 districts which they have characteristic of agriculture, with the width of the area near 893,33 kmĀ² (19,9% of the width of the island of Bali). Administrative the regency of Tabanan was divided in 8 subdistricts, 10 administrative villages, 103 villages, 663 secondary-villages, 663 atmospheres, and 374,129 people with the index of growth 0,71%.
Like area of agriculture, so agriculture becomes means of the sustenance of people that is to say, near 50,16%, whereas the commercial sector, hotel and the restaurant are the second of means of the sustenance near 15,6%, and others become in the house near 11,27% industrialists and the sector of services near 10,93%.
Geographically the regency of Tabanan has strategic position because it located between the regency of Badung in the east and the regency in the north, regency of Buleleng and Jembrana, Hindia ocean in the west and Indonesian in the south. This regency is also has certain potential object of the tourism like the temple and she of the portion of Tanah Lot, Klating beach, Soka beach, Bedugul, Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest and other objects that potential to be turned.

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