Thursday, November 1, 2007

Kusamba Beach - Klungkung Regency

Kusamba beach is one of interesting tourism object in Klungkung Regency, located around 7 km, east of Semarapura City. Beside that, people also make salt in a traditional method in this beach. Every morning we can see lot of fisherman gathered in the beach or still capturing the fish with their traditional boat, also lot of traditional Salt maker.

Lot of Traditional boat will parked in the beach, near some of coconut tree, also small house that usually used to make a traditional salt. This view is very interesting to see to some people that already visit this location. To a foreign tourist or even a domestic tourist, make sure to visit this Beach. if you have a plan to visit Candidasa, you will pass Kusamba area if you go from Denpasar through Klungkung, make sure you spend a little of your time to try visit this beach.



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