Friday, October 26, 2007

Japanese Cave (Goa Jepang) Klungkung Regency

Goa Jepang located in Banjar Koripan, Banjarangkan Village Klungkung regency. Goa Jepang consist of sixteen cave, built in next side of Tukad Bubuh River. 14 of this cave connect each other, but two of them which is in Northernmost and Southernmost. This is memory of Japanese Colonialist in Bali. Japanese make this cave to protect them self from attack from alliance in 1941. A cave like this also built in Suana Village, Nusa Penida. This cave made to watch the sea traffic in Nusa Penida at that time.

It's easy to reach this place because it's located in side of street that link Denpasar with Semarapura.



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