Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Menjangan Island Diving Site

The sites of the west Bali diving spot offer pristine typically waters, colorful marine life and the advisable smoothest conditions for the divers and snorkelers of all the levels. The divers that enjoy the jump of the wall will appreciate the points first of the areas around the islands of Menjangan, but they are interest for each there here, with a deep plunge of the ruin, a certain unique jump at night, exceptional dirt and macro which they are plunged near Lovina, and many sites snorkelling. Most of the sites of the plunge of you run them are around the island of Menjanan. The jump is regulated here. The fishing of the lance is not allowed and all the marine life is protected. The white sandy beaches of Menjangan s make a location pleasant to break itself for the lunch. Subaqueous, the slope throughout the border of the south and extremity of the east, doing in front of the sea of Bali, homemade being to the portions of fish and the colorful small vertebrates, the ventilators of embroider of the sea and a variety of sponges. The sandy, gradual hills of the coast of the north of Menjangan s are a place of final reclinaciĆ³n for the able shipwreck of the oldest plunge of Bali s, the ruin of Anker. The coast of the north of the islands of Menjangan also has some beautiful sites snorkeling. Pelagics great is even seen sometimes in Menjangan.
From time to time sightings of the sharks of the whales, the whale and rays of Blanket has been disclosed. The jump of the drift is generally, but the currents are absolutely smooth and all the levels of divers can enjoy this area. The area of the northwest has had its part of destructions. The Nino, storms has been hard in the chorales. The marine life nevertheless is teaming and vibrant.

If you want, you can visit the temple at the island. But not all people allowed to enter the temple. If you use the Balinese uniform, the priest may let you to enter. In this island you can see Menjangan which is Balinese deer. And you can find a lot of Shell from shellfish they usually use at the Holy Ceremony.

If you visit Bali and have plan to snorkeling and diving, make sure you visit the Menjangan Island area.....



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