Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pura Sakenan Temple

The temple of Sakenan is located in the island of Serangan, well-known like island of the turtle. Located in the southern part of Bali, the island of the turtle is one of the point more preferred to practice surf. The temple obstruct-will be packed by three days by the people who use the traditional suits of Balinese. constructed in the thirteenth century by a Hindus priest which is, “Dang Hyang Dwijendra” in a small island closely together of the port of Benoa and the Nusa Dua.
As usual, the religious ritual will attract portions of foreign visitors. The ritual will provide an opportunity without precedent for the foreign travellers to the witness how the local Hindu followers make their ritual. The local Hindu followers will walk, to say the prayers in the procession and will cross the ocean in boat loaded before reaching the temple of Sakenan. To the Hindu followers of Balinese, the day of Kuningan is a time for the commemoration because the ancestors return to the sky after dwelling in the Earth by ten days and when the opinion of Balinese is thankful to the Gods by its mercy to the human races.

Each village in Bali will celebrate Kuningan in magnificent style, with several parts of the island of Bali carrying out festivales colorful. The post of bamboo or the locally called "penjor", that has been elevated in the front of the door of the entrance of each compound of the house since a day before it is Galungan redecorated taking under the white clothes and replaced with the yellow clothes, symbolizing the prosperity. In spite of the persistent crisis, Bali continues being more the preferred destination of the tourism of the world due to its abundance of the culture and the natural beauty. The day of Kuningan offers one of the superior attractions of the tourism of Bali.
To reach the temple, you can go in boat or cars If you go in car or bici, you pass a bridge that binds to the island of Serangan and the south of Denpasar. It takes the impulsion you from around 15 minutes to reach the temple. Now, the east of Kuta can be reached through a way in approximately 15 minutes. Now day the road to reach the temple has been larger, you can go to sakenan by cars until the side of the temple. But around the way you will feel a very bad smell. But now days the goverment already fixed that thing, and begin to repair the area.



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