Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pagerwesi - Bali Sacred Day

Pagerwesi is one of Bali sacred day that related to Saraswati. Pagerwesi held on wednesday, four days after Saraswati. Pagerwesi still related with Saraswati because Pagerwesi is one of procession of saraswati.

The procession is like this :
Saturday (Saniscara Umanis Watugunung) - Saraswati
Sunday (Redite Paing Sinta) - Banyu Pinaruh
Monday (Soma Pon Sinta) - Soma Ribek
Tuesday (Anggara Wage Sinta) - Sabuh mas
Wednesday (Buda Kliwon Sinta) - Pagerwesi

During pagerwesi, Balinese people held Tapa Brata (Semadhi) to refresh and calming their mind, at this day also will held a ritual procession with pray at nearest temple. If able Balinese people will held the pray at big temple like Besakih or Jagatnata, but if they was unable because must work or do some other job, the pray can held on the nght on their own home temple. Some people meaning this day by it's name Pagerwesi (Pager = gate, Wesi = iron), known as the day to protect ourself from all negative element, by semadhi and pray to the god to refresh the mind.



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