Thursday, December 13, 2007

Puputan Badung Monument

Puputan badung located in the center of Denpasar and lot of people use this place as a cheap recreation destination. Every Saturday night in this place will full of people who celebrate the weekend. Lot of couple will seen in this place. In this place usually held a Balinese Gong perfomance every Saturday night. East side of the yard also located Jagatnatha Temple and Bali Museum and at the West side located the Bali's Governor office.

Puputan mean until the end, on 1906 when Netherland collonial attacking Bali, lot of Balinese people lead by King of denpasar choose to fight until the end, than surrender to collonial. About 4.000 people including the kings families die at that time and since than Netherland take offer Bali as one of it's Collony. To remember that event on the north side of the yard, built a Puputan Badung Monument. The monument consist of King, Queen and two of their son.



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