Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Galungan - Bali Sacred Days

Galungan is one of most holiest sacred Day in Bali. Galungan held every 210 days in Wednesday on Wuku Dungulan. Galungan held to celebrate the symbolize when Dharma (Good) win against Adharma (evil). There are some procession to reach Galungan start from Sugihan Jawa until Manis galungan itself.

Galungan Procession :
1. Sugihan Jawa held at thursday, 6 days before Galungan, at this day held a ceremony to purify the Bhuana Agung (world-environtment).
2. Sugihan Bali held at Friday, 5 Days before Galungan, at this day held a ceremony to purify Bhuana Alit (human body and soul).
3. Penyajaan held at Monday, 2 days before Galungan, at this day all the things that needed for galungan will be prepared, like traditional cake, and some fruit to use at Galungan.
4. Penampahan Galungan held at Tuesday, 1 day before Galungan, at this day balinese people will make some of animal, like Chickens, ducks, pigs and even cows. Depend on the wish and economic ability. At this time Balinese people also start to build a penjor that symbolize an offering to the God because give a good live to Balinese people. Penjor will consist of Bamboo, traditional cakes, fruits, leaves, and two coconut in the middle of the Penjor.
5. Galungan is the main process of the holy day. At this time Balinese people will go to nearest temple and pray in there. Also visit the other temple as long as they can.
6. Manis Galungan held 1 day after Galungan, which is the last procession of this Sacred days. Usually all companies and office will get their holiday within 3 days start from Penampahan galungan until Manis Galungan.



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