Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ngerupuk (Ogoh-Ogoh), Nyepi, and Ngembak Geni Sacred day

Ngerupuk held one day before Nyepi, at that time there will be a lot of Ogoh ogoh around all street in Bali. After walking around for some time the Ogoh ogoh will burned in the nearest cemetary. The ogoh-ogoh symbolize bad element that must be destroyed and bring back the good element to the environment. Besides at the street, the celebration also held in every Hindusm house in Bali. The celebration including make a fire in front of every house and make a noises in house, that believed will send out all evil element in the house.

Nyepi always held every year in Bali, usually on March. Nyepi held to celebrate the Çaka New Year. If you visit Bali during Nyepi, you will be able to go outside hotels and all road will be blocked. All the people in Bali will stay on their own home without go anywhere. The procession itself usually start at 6 o'clock in the morning and end 6 o'clock at the next day. There are four thing that Balinese people will do during Nyepi.
1. Not ignite any kind of fire ( That mean balinese People will not eat all day )
2. Not going anywhere (All road willbe blocked and all Balinese People will only stay at their house )
3. Not Working (All Balinese people didn't allowed to do their casual activity )
4. Not Having Fun (Even watch TV and light a lamp was not allowed)
But now days, very rare Balinese people will do all of the procession.

Ngembak Geni
Ngembak Geni celebrate a day after Nyepi. At this day Balinese people begin to do their activity. working, cook and other casual activity will begin at this day. This symbolize Balinese start all the new thing on the 2nd day of the Çaka New Year.



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