Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Siwaratri / Ciwaratri - Bali Sacred Day

Siwaratri is a sacred day that always held every year, every night one day before the Seventh deadmoon on Caka year. Balinese people believed this night is the darkest night on the year in Bali, and God as Siva will do a meditation at this night. Balinese people believed if they do the same as Siva did, all their trespass will be forgiven.

There are certain thing that should do in Siwaratri, and there are three kind of placement that Balinese people will do to celebrate this sacred day.
1. Utama (High level)
At this level Balinese people will do three important things from the Siwaratri Ritual
1). Monabrata (didn't talk all the day)
2). Upawasa (didn't eat and drink)
4). Jagra (didn't sleep)
2. Madya (Middle level)
At this level Belinese people only do two important things of three from Siwaratri Ritual
1). Upawasa (didn't drink and eat)
2). Jagra (didn't sleep)
3. Nista (Lower level)
At this level Balinese people do only one important thing of the three from Siwaratri Ritual
1). Jagra (didn't sleep)

Balinese people free to choose which level they will be able to do. But now days very rare Balinese people that able to do the High Level most of them will only do the Lower Level. But that isn't a problem if they do it seriously. No matter which level they choose the meaning is still the same. Which is to purify their soul and beg a forgiveness for their trespass and wrong act for the whole year.



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