Sunday, January 13, 2008

Saraswati - Bali Sacred Day

Saraswati is a goddess in Hindus mythology that appear like a very beautiful woman, She is a symbolize of knowledge. Saraswati usually held on Saturday (Wuku Watugunung) and held every 210 days. The most people who celebrate this sacred day are student and teacher, also will be held special ceremony in every school and college in Bali.

Dewi Saraswati imagined by a very beautiful woman, that has four arms. Each arm held a Genitri, Lontar, Wina (musical instrument), and lotus. Near her usually appear two birds which is Swan and Peacock. All tools that need for study like books, pencils, pens and other will gathered in one place and purified with a kind of offerings like canang, dupa, and some of holy waters.

After the purifying ritual end, Balinese people usually held a ritual to clear their mind, by Tapa-brata, or semadhi, and read some of Balinese Lontars. One day after Saraswati held a ritual called Banyu Pinaruh. At this time Balinese people goes to nearest sea to purify their soul. But for the one who far away from sea can purify their soul in their own home, using a kind of holy water and then take a bath in nearest river or well. After that they will eat yellow rice, and egg along with a kind of mantra.



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