Friday, July 25, 2008

Learn Basic Balinese Languange part I

Bahasa Bali

Maybe some of you want to learn some basic Balinese Language before you visit Bali. This is some common greetings that daily used.

Greeting :
Hello = Om Swastiastu
How are you ? = Asapunapi Gatrane / Kenken kabare?
Good Morning = rahajeng semeng
Good night = rahajeng wengi
What is your name ? = Sira wastan jerone / Nyen adane?
I Love You (man to woman) = Beli tresna kapining adi
I Love You (woman to man) = Tiang tresna kapining beli
How much ? = Aji kude ?
Thank You = Matur Suksema (You are welcome = Suksema mewali)
Don’t worry about it – Sing ken ken
No – Sing
[joke] I don't have money = Sing ngelah pipis

Maybe that a little bit for now. I will add some more latter.



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