Friday, June 20, 2008

Ramayana Resort & Spa Kuta Bali

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Most so far is our newest Club Resort located at 5 th floor, with its private balcony and one day bed. All rooms furnished and decorated in contemporaray Balinese decor have modernest facilities ... just relax and enjoy the harmony of this environment! After a short walk leads to the famous "Matahari Square, Kuta Galleria, the art market, Waterbom and, of course, the long, white sand beach of Kuta.

Facility :

GABAH restaurants
The Poolview restaurant and bar, GABAH restaurants, is designed to serve equally tempting variety of cuisines of Indonesia, the restaurant was officially opened last November 1506.
Asia spices restaurant
Located in Kuta, Jalan Kartika Plaza, spic restaurants in Asia asian contact with the interior and atmosphere and proposes a wide range of dishes start Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian, Hong Kong and Thailand.
Our chefs create some of Bali and the best fresh mix of traditional and fusion Japanese food. You can also choose an international competition bottle of wine or sake of our trandy racks. Then you can start shipping away in our cozy living room to relax before or after dinner.
Only search giant orange canopy and step into the largest and best sports bar in Bali, you can enjoy a feast from the east and the best from the west. We have 3 wide and all the TV screens playing all their favorite sports live around the world.
Kuta sidewalk
Enjoy your exclusive shops in Bali while taking vacations with us sidewalk in Kuta, the shopping mall located on the 1st floor of the station with very sell quality control of products.
The hotel has meeting rooms are adaptable, the resort has 2 meeting rooms, "Bale exit" which is in the 1 floor of the station has a capacity up to 200 people for theater, and the 2 nd meeting room "AYODYA exit" exclusively located on 5 th floor, where you can see the Bay of Kuta, has reduced capacity can accommodate up to 60 people in theatre style.
Ramos SPA
Relax your body and soul to our quiet spa, "Ramos SPA", professionally managed by The Kawas Spa, where you spoil qualified with extensive health and beauty spa treatment. It is not complete staying in place without resorting to experience our spa.
The club lounge
The exclusive Club's Resort guests enjoy the previlage having breakfast, afternoon tea and evening cocktails in the lounge of the club, in addition to the major hotels and outside the crowd.The Resort Club and its private lounge is simply designed for those enjoying a greater degree of luxury.
The Lobby Lounge
Air Conditioning Lobby Lounge is located at 2 First Floor in our new hall, and is designed to Private check-in for customers staying at Resort Club, next to the pool Farmhouse, the Lobby Lounge with privide free coffee, tea and snacks. From Internet services with prepaid card is also available on our Lobby Lounge.
Orchid garden
Variety of orchids are available at our beautiful orchid garden, where the gardens located close to our Farmhouse, let you enjoy your free time to see around us of the orchid gardens where guests Relation Officer will be very happy to accompany you and lead you around, and his memory, taking photos of our beautiful orchids are allowed.
Wedding made in our CHAPPEL.the Chapple located at 5 th floor, where we see the beautiful bay of Kuta. Reclined niches
For those who prefer to stay relaxing in the hotel rather than go to the beach, niches day with reclining beds are available in the pool.

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