Thursday, May 29, 2008

Holy Celebration at SIlayukti Temple (Feb 27th - Feb 30th 2008)

After 210 days passed, holy celebration finally held in Silayukti Temple. At this time the situation wasn't much different from last time celebration, always crowded of people from all around Bali. (Visit here for Padang Bai and Silayukti Story Information). There are a complex of temple in Silayukti. The complex consist of five major temple.

At the first time we will see Pura Segara Temple, located in the bottom of the cliff from this place we able to see a very great sea and cliff view, also lot's of traditional and semi-traditional fisherman boats. Balinese people will pray here for the first time before continued to Silayukti Temple.

The second temple was located in the Northern side of SIlayukti temple. this temple usually called as Pura Telaga Mas or Pura telaga Muncar. This is the second place that will be visited by Hindus people for pray before continued to Silayukti temple. This temple function, depend on "Pemangku" in there was for purifying the soul and clear the mind before continued to the holiest temple in the center. This also seen by it's name (Telaga=pool,water).

The third temple is Silayukti Temple, located at the center of all building complex, this is the most holiest temple in this area. From the story this temple was Built by Empu Kuturan when he first time arrive in Bali from Java (read more here).

The fourth temple is Tanjung Sari Temple, this temple located southernmost of all temple. This temple said as place to make any wish before leaving the Silayukti temple. Usually this is the last temple that visited by Hindus visitor before they leaving, or otherwise they able to continued it to Cave Temple on the East side of Silayukti temple.

Cave temple built in the middle of a reef located in east side of Silayukti temple, not of all Hindus people who visit Silayukti temple will visit his temple, because it's optional. But from this temple we able to see a very great view of the sea with reef and rock on the bottom. This place looks very dangerous for the first time but it's totally safe.

Wantilan is a building in front of Silayukti temple that usually used to sleep for visitor who come at night and spend all night here. At the evening this place usually used for held some kinds of Balinese traditional musical performance.

If you missed for the ceremony this time than you have to wait until 210 days, that will be held on September 24th, 2008.



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