Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stone Carving Art in Batubulan - Gianyar

In Bali History, creating art was not seen as a real profession. Art was mainly created for temple decorations and religious festivals to honour the Hindu Gods. And actually, producing arts nowadays is still necessary to serve these Gods, but because of the growing tourism, works of art created in Bali are receiving more and more appreciation.

The know-how and skill of creating Balinese art is gained from inside the families and is passed on through many generations. This way, specialized villages were formed with an expertise on a specific form of art. One of these villages is named Batubulan, which means “Moon Stone” and is located in the district of Gianyar. Batubulan is famous for it’s stone carvings.

Batubulan is a small village with a length of nearly two kilometers and separates itself from the suburbs of Denpasar with many stone carving shops alongside the main road. Driving through the main roads of Batubulan you can witness hundreds of impressive statues made from different kinds of stone. One of these types of stone is called “Paras” which is a mixture of clay and volcanic ashes. These Paras statues have to be renewed every few decennia because the material is quite soft and porous so the statues will not last a lifetime.

You can find a wide range of different statues in Batubulan; from demons that are used to protect temples to life-sized animals like horses, elephants and so on.

I Ketut Wardana

One of these great artists in Batubulan is I Ketut Wardana from the Mayor Art Studio. I Ketut Wardana specializes in statues made of cement and those last a bit longer compared to the Paras-kind statues as mentioned before. In his process to create a statue, I Ketut Wardana creates a wired frame and then he will start to cover it in cement. Then fine details are added at the end of the process with the greatest level of precision.

When you plan a trip in the district of Gianyar or Denpasar or if you’re on your way to Ubud, make sure you pay a (short) visit to Batubulan. When you are heading for Ubud starting from the south like Kuta, Batubulan is basicly on the way there. Because of the small size of the village you only need a few extra minutes to take a look. The Bali Bird Park or “Taman Burung” is also located nearby so it can be a good idea to combine these sights on a day-trip.

Besides creating beautiful statues, this village is also famous for the traditional Balinese dance performances. There is a Kecak theatre just outside of the village and in the mornings you can witness a Barong dance.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Kudos Bar and Lounge, a Gay bar in Bali

Kudos located at Dhyana Pura street seminyak, and located across the Q-Bar which is a same gay bar. Kudos most visited by Gays, lesbians, and lots of bisexual couple, and sometime heterosexual couple also visited this bar. Kudos is a high class bar equipped with six Hi-Definition Video Screen, with 15.000 watt sound system power, and Disc Jockeyfrom outside country, like DJ Jay Sample which came from New York.

A lot of event usually have a specific theme, like Celebration of Chinese New Year, Male Celebrity Look Alike, White Party (which require a white costumes to enter the party as dress code), Drag Show, or fashion show with some models from Look Model Inc. If you visit Bali make sure you try to visit this bar, especially if you are gay, because this bar is a paradise Gay Bar in Bali.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Learn Basic Balinese Languange part I

Bahasa Bali

Maybe some of you want to learn some basic Balinese Language before you visit Bali. This is some common greetings that daily used.

Greeting :
Hello = Om Swastiastu
How are you ? = Asapunapi Gatrane / Kenken kabare?
Good Morning = rahajeng semeng
Good night = rahajeng wengi
What is your name ? = Sira wastan jerone / Nyen adane?
I Love You (man to woman) = Beli tresna kapining adi
I Love You (woman to man) = Tiang tresna kapining beli
How much ? = Aji kude ?
Thank You = Matur Suksema (You are welcome = Suksema mewali)
Don’t worry about it – Sing ken ken
No – Sing
[joke] I don't have money = Sing ngelah pipis

Maybe that a little bit for now. I will add some more latter.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rio Restaurant Bali, a Brazilian Restaurant in Seminyak Bali

Rio is a unique Brazilian Restaurant located in the center of fashionable Seminyak close to the famous Seminyak shopping street Jalan Legian and the Double Six Beach. There is no other restaurant to be found in Bali that can give a better and more pleasurable experience in the art of Brazilian cooking than us. Our Rio restaurant works with the popular churrasqueria concept where our waiters will serve you the meats at your table from a long skewer.

Our masterful and experienced international chef presents you with the best Churrasqueria selections, making sure that you are satisfied and full by the time you leave the Rio restaurant. Rio is a Brazilian Restaurant, offering a refreshing alternative for people who are looking for high class and scrumptious cuisine with reasonable prices in a soothing and casual surrounding.

You can find the Rio Restaurant Bali at Jl. Raya Seminyak close to the famous Bintang Supermarket.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bali TorTor Restaurant in Seminyak Bali

TorTor is a cosy restaurant in trendy Seminyak Bali. We offer a delicious but affordable menu with monthly specials and the best satay in town. Our menu consists of traditional Indonesian cuisine but we also serve delicious Western dishes. Furthermore, we offer catering services in the neighbourhood areas. So, if you are having a party or special event, let us know.

We are conveniently located in Dhyana Pura Street, Seminyak approximately 200 metres from the beach and Gado Gado restaurant. Dyana Pura is well-know for its hotels, restaurants, warungs, bar & cafes like the Dhyana Pura Hotel, Antique restaurant & bar, Kudos bar, Q bar, Santa Fe and many others.

Menus :

Indonesian Specialties
Gado Gado
Mie Goreng Seafood
Sesame Beef Filet
The BEST Satay in Town

Lake Toba Coffee
Sumatera Tea
Beer Bintang

Dining on our terrace is especially romantic at night...

Click here to visit TorTor restaurant official site

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