Friday, November 30, 2007

Dreamland Beach Jimbaran

This beach is an alternative beach in Bali besides Sanur Kuta and Nusa Dua. This beach have white shore with very beautiful cliff around it. This make Dreamland beach different from other Beach in Bali.
For tourist who loved Surfing also able to test their skill here. Because this Beach also have good waves, maybe as good as Uluwatu waves and even better than the waves in Kuta. Dreamland Beach located about one hour from Denpasar, located In Jimbaran, Bukit area.
if you want to stay at jimbaran in your holiday in Bali, make sure you visit this beach, and get the different sensation from other beach that you've already visit.


Tamblingan and Buyan Lake

This two lake located in Sukasada Village, Buleleng Regency and located near of each other. It's about 21 km south of Singaraja City. We able to see the panorama directly from Asah Gobleg area. In the street side there are a lot of place to sit and relaxing while we watch the Lake. because this area located between of this two lake. For the people whi liked camping, in this area also have a location that support for camping. We can reach this Lake about 2-3 hrs from Denpasar to the north. Around the lake, there are also a lot of monkeys that randomly appear in the street near the Lake. There are some facility in this lake, like Parking area, traditional boot to rent for recreation even for fishing in this Lake.

This two Lake located in a very strategic area, which is between Lovina Beach, Ulun danu beratan temple and also Gitgit waterfall. With mount Lesong as it's background this lake offer a very nice experience if you wish to visit.
Now this area has been developed, that seen from a lot of tourist come to this place everyday, from domestic tourist until the tourists from foreign country.


Monday, November 26, 2007

Seminyak Paradiso Hotel Review

Seminyak Paradiso Hotel:
Seminyak Paradiso is situated in the beautiful landscape garden surrounding rooms set out in either alone the construction of two blocks of plants around the pool.

Seminyak Paradiso Hotel Location:
Combination of notable facilities and lovely Balinese hospitality for holidays unforgettable. It is only one step away from the famous white sand beach Seminyak. For all tastes.
Located just 15 minutes from Kuta, Airport.

Seminyak Paradiso Hotel Room Facilities:
The hotel has a total 36 rooms with a single category, chalet room. Performance testing of air conditioning in the rooms Seminyak Hotel Paradiso have a terrace or balcony, bathroom with shower and tub, refrigerator, telephone and television.
Services and Facilities
* All rooms include air-conditioning, phone, color TV, refrigerator, bathroom with shower, "Hot & Cold Water
* Doctor
* Free Car Park
* Laundry
* Major Credit card accepted

Seminyak Paradiso Hotel Address :
Seminyak Bali Hotel Paradiso
Jl. Abimanyu, Seminyak,
Kuta, Bali-Indonesia
All questions and reservations are handled

Click here to go to official website


Friday, November 16, 2007

Tourism Object in Nusa Penida

Sebila Creek Nusa Dua area
Sebila Cree has a very beautiful environtment with it's white shore sand, very natural and quiet. We able to go to Sebila creek from Pelabuhan Buyuk to Banjar Kelodan and then go to Sebila creek, also we able to go there directly by rent a small boat in Sebila creek there's also one well even not as good as the well in Atuh creek.

Labuhan Ampuak
Labuhan Ampuak same like Sebila creek has a very good environtment quality also nature and quiet make this area be a most beautiful tourism area in Nusa Dua.Located at Banjar Pelilit Pantai Atuh and Calung, this area was very beautiful because surrounded by sea and some mountain (hill) like Tunjuk Pusuh Hill, Nyahi Hill, Juntil Hill and other, also it's beach area that called Titibehu beach.

Karang Bolong
This tourism object can be found in Penida desa Sakti village, beside see the Karang Bolong we also able to see white shore of Nusa Penida with it's beautiful sea environtment.

Beach of Atuh
The Atuh Coast is located in the beautiful white sand beach and on the left side of Juntil Cape, which is sticking out at sea and on the right side of Labuan Ampuak continued eastward is Gili Batu Melawang , Gili Batu Pedasan, Gili Gili batu Abah and Batu Metegen.
The cave's of natural swallow nest can be found on the south side of Labuhan Ampuak. The swallow nest is very low and the price is very expensive. In the Atuh Valley the land is very fertile and Atuh Temple found there, the temple is especially a place to worship the God of the Sea (the Segara Temple). The community came from Bendem Village, Tanglad village and another village.
There were various dances, as Baris Jangkang Pelilit dance, a mass very sacred dance, dance, painting the soldiers who are real againts the enemy who come under attack. This dance is very rare and only seen in Pelilit village. If we walk in the center, there are two very clear with holy wells and clean water. This freshwater possibly have best quality throughout the Nusa Penida region. Access to Atuh Coast, could be reached through two directions: from Pelilit village (20 kms) and the continue to the land for the highway about 2 Km to Kelodan (17 kms) and continued with the land road around 5 km.


Saturday, November 3, 2007

Puputan Klungkung Monument

The height of this monument is about 28 meters from the base of the monument. The cone shape of monumenty is called Ligga - Yoni, located in the center of Semarapura city, which was built in the area measuring 123 m2. The name of the Puputan Klungkung Monument whose announce formally by the Secretary of the Interior on April 28, 1992.
All construction of this monument is done with the black stone, with the proper sense of Hindu philosophy that war could be completely that the work done by the best generations of klungkung kingdom along with its people. Monument Puputan Klungkung is located in the center of Semarapura city, making it easily accessible from the side of Denpasar, Besakih and Candi Dasa, as it stands on the busy route traffic. The location of the Puputan Klungkung Monument very strategic because it is near to Kertha Gosa and Taman Gili, the mall, the traditional market and the Klungkung Goverment office.
The Puputan Klungkung which is the historic Memorial Monument of a war that happened on Tuesday, April 28, 1908, and this monument had happened to the war against Dutch Colonialism. The Klungkung people really honored and loved their homeland, which were supervised by the management of a king who had the power at that time who were killed during the war againt the Dutch colonization. Despite the fact that the territory of Klungkung regency small area only if we compare with the Indonesian Archipelago territory, but they could defend their territory and right through Klungkung war. On the ground floor of lingga there is a square lobby with 4 tickets to the position in the east, west, south and north. The height of the monument is 28 meters. Considering that between the building on the ground floor and lingga there is building with eight faces decorated by 19 paintings of lotus flowers. All numbers reflecting the date of Puputan KLungkung War on April 28, 1908, which is now commemorated every year. Whereas in the room of the monument completed the diorama, which represents the struggle of the people with king.


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Kusamba Beach - Klungkung Regency

Kusamba beach is one of interesting tourism object in Klungkung Regency, located around 7 km, east of Semarapura City. Beside that, people also make salt in a traditional method in this beach. Every morning we can see lot of fisherman gathered in the beach or still capturing the fish with their traditional boat, also lot of traditional Salt maker.

Lot of Traditional boat will parked in the beach, near some of coconut tree, also small house that usually used to make a traditional salt. This view is very interesting to see to some people that already visit this location. To a foreign tourist or even a domestic tourist, make sure to visit this Beach. if you have a plan to visit Candidasa, you will pass Kusamba area if you go from Denpasar through Klungkung, make sure you spend a little of your time to try visit this beach.